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Uneasy Games is a small development company that creates intense horror genre games out of Utah. The company was founded in the 1st quarter of 2016 by Scott Boardwine. Scott Boardwine has been creating games since 2014 and progresses every year with new knowledge. Recently the company ( Scott Boardwine) has carried over Grandma ( An intense jumpscare base game which is Uneasy Games first success) into Unity 5 engine. The company will start using Unity 5 for all of their future projects.   Donations are very important to the company as they strive to listen to gamers all over the world to better understand what the player wants in a horror game. Uneasy Games is willing to go the extra mile to understand the true fear that people want in a video game. Donations are used to move the company forward for bigger and better games in the future.


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