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Grandma: Teddy’s Revenge

Good Day folks.

Due to “Grandma” literally becoming our most popular game, because of it’s incredible success on , we are refocusing on it and will be bringing you a huge update.

Grandma will be rebuilt entirely from scratch using both Unity Virtual Reality and Coppercube Virtual Reality.

The game will be developed in two parts: 1. The classic Grandma game, now updated with Rift Controller and Motion Detection, as well as a feature that you have all been asking for: A Zombie / Demon Shooter mode known as “Teddies Revenge”

This new mode builds on the existing game with gorgeous stylized graphics. We chose the Coppercube engine to build this game due to it’s flexibility for small teams. The original game will continue to be provided in Unity with an ambitious new feature set and now, interactive environments.

No-longer will Grandma simply be a walk through jump scare game. We will retain many of the jump scares and add a whole new set of them, however it will play more like a game, with objectives, bad guys, puzzles and many more features.

This will be by far our MOST AMBITIOUS attempt at bringing you a fun, super scary, horror experience that in a way, we can all relate to.

Here are some screen shots for Teddies Revenge and we would like to encourage all media to cover us, as this installment is going to be by far the most exiting.

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