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Grandma has come along way since the very first concept back in 2016, and the current version of the game. We are determent to make Grandma into an insane horror […]

Left Above

Trailer for the new game Left Above    

Left Above: game

Uneasy Games is proud to announce a new upcoming horror game called Left Above, here are the screenshots.

New Home invasion type game   New Horror game that is being worked on, this is inspired by ‘The Strangers’ movie and will become a home invasion type game where you are the victim […]

Cavity is released!!

The lastest game that we are working is released in early stage of development. we need some testers to play the game and to give us you’re thoughts. Hope you […]

Hello Everyone!!

Uneasy games is looking into¬†Multimedia Fusion 2 for future 2d games. Uneasy games is experimenting in different engines and different genre in games, We will keep everyone updated on future […]


Uneasy Games is proud to announcement a brand new Grandma in the works, this time we are bringing you the most terrifying game to a whole new level.